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Who The Hell Is Vakill ?

"Vakill (born Donald Mason, March 21, 1975) is rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Vakill is known through his association with Chicago Hip Hop collective The Molemen, and for his literate, witty, punch line-filled lyricism and detailed story-telling.
Vakill debuted as a solo artist in 1995, with the release of a cassette titled "Who's Afraid?". He remained on the local scene throughout the late '90s, making numerous collaborations, and releasing a number of singles, most notably 1996's "Keep the Fame", a collaboration with veteran emcee Percee P and future Chicago Hip Hop star Rhymefest. In following years, Vakill contributed tracks to subsequent releases by the Molemen, with "Final Thought" appearing on the 1997 EP "Below the Ground", "Know the Bidness" appearing on the 1998 EP "Buried Alive", "Urban Legend" appearing on the 2001 album "Chicago City Limits, Vol. 1", and "The Equinox" and "Face Down" appearing on the 2001 album "Ritual of the Molemen". 2001 saw the release of a Vakill compilation titled "Kill Em All", featuring all the tracks from "Who's Afraid?", as well as a number of songs and freestyles recorded throughout the '90s.
Vakill released his long-awaited debut album, "The Darkest Cloud", in 2003 on Molemen Records. The album was produced by Molemen members Panik and Memo, DJ Contakt and Mixx Massacre, and featured the single "End of Days". The album's sharp lyrics and dark production made it a hit with underground fans, and gave the rapper the most exposure of his career. While acclaimed, the album did not reach past rap's underground scene, and failed to produce a significant amount of sales. The rapper returned three years later with his second album, "Worst Fears Confirmed", released in early 2006. The album featured production from the Molemen, as well as appearances from acclaimed lyricists Ras Kass and Royce Da 5'9". The album gave the rapper wider media exposure, leading to features in XXL Magazine and on Vakill was also featured in the Phat Tape section of the November 2006 issue of The Source Magazine, and in its Off The Radar section in the July issue."
Tha Midwest 

Tape - 1995 - Molemen - Photo courtesy of Hakan Dougpark

Tape - 1995 - Molemen - Photo courtesy of Hakan Dougpark

A1 - Amen (Remix)
A2 - Who's Afraid?
A3 - Am I Dope?
B1 - Amen
B2 - Check Me Out
B3 - Somethin' Terrible

From Chicago Reader - January 27th 2006

12" - 2000 - Bronx Science Recordings  

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Skell - Icebergs - 1998

Logan S.Washington A.K.A Skell was born in Parkslope Brooklyn, New York City and then landed in Charlotte, NC early 92 his influence in HipHop was A Tribe Called Quest. At Age 10 he starting writing, rhyming and describing the world he lived in, before the Inner city grabbed a hold of him, his mom moved the family to Charlotte North Carolina where he studied his craft Killing cyphers in School making a name for himself. It was then when he meant his mentor and producer Brian Dunovant at the age of 17 he dropped his East Side Cult Classic "Icebergs". 

Album Review : Illegal - The Untold Truth - 1993

 LP - 1993 - Rowdy Records 

From 4080 Magazine - Issue #11 - November 1993 

DJ Koco A.k.a. Shimokita ‎- Hydra: Underground's Finest

Mixed CD - 2010 - Octave 

1 Mobb Deep - On The Real Featuring – Cormega, Kamakazee
2 Kamakazee - Spread It (Remix) 
3 Screwball -You Love To Hear The Stories Featuring – Mc Shan
4 The Unsociables - Queens Side 
5 A Kid Called Roots- Cycles 
6 The High & Mighty - The Conflict 
7 Slade Savage - War Stories 
8 E-Boogie - And You Don't Stop 
9 Godfather Don - Executive Technology 
10 Godfather Don - Connections 
11 Dennis Kellman - The Games 
12 Mike Heron - Pseudo Roots 
13 Screwball - Communications Featuring – Prince A.D.
14 Kamakazee - Takin' All Bets Featuring – Offdamental
15 Godfather Don - Mc Assault 
16 Hostyle - Live From New York Featuring – Quik
17 K. Fanat - Zoo York 
18 The Beatnuts - Homo Victim 
19 Nick Wiz - Black Path 
20 Mike Heron - Adam's Summer Camp 
21 Big Meal - Put It On 'Em 
22 DJ Fusion - Live 
23 DJ Fusion - For Good & Forever 
24 Powerule - Dawn To Dusk 
25 Ghetto Professionals - The Hutchison Joint

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Album Review : Diamond and The Psychotic Neurotics - Stunts , Blunts & Hip-Hop - 1992

From The Source - November 1992 - Original Scan by Vincent Lopez 

From The Art Form Magazine - 1992 - Photo by Bo Nedelchev

From Scratch Magazine - Nov/Dec 2005 - Scan by Max The Keeper

DJ Koco ‎- A to Z - 2006

Mixed CD - 2006 - Donuts Records  

Another 1-4-U-2-N-V - 'Life Is Like a Nike Commercial'
B.A.D. Rep- 'Say No Rhyme Before Its Time'
Capone - 'Smoove Style'
D.L. Sound - 'I'm Saying Something'
Ed Math - 'Behind the Bars'
Frozen Explosion - 'Mac Nife'
Greyson & Jasun 'Shammin'
Hardcore - 'High Time'
I.S.P. (Ill Squad Productions/MC Sergio) - 'On A Roll'
Jewel - 'I Am A Poet'
Kaotic Stylin - 'Freestyle Flavour'
Latee - 'This Cut's Got Flavour'
Majestic Productions - 'Frontline'
Northside Productions - 'Stop The Nonsense'
Original Heads - 'Counterfeit'
Pesos - '(EZ) Back It Up'
Quonx 'Many Many Rhymes Away' (instrumental)
Rusty the Toe Jammer - 'Do It This Way'
Shakespeare & the Last Empire - 'School HIT
Top Choice Clique - 'I'll Do The Honors'
Universal MCs - 'Party Stylin'
Von Love - 'This Is How It Should Be Done'
Wize Guys - 'eF yoU eN Kay E'
X Town Posse/Jus Def - 'Complicated Mathematics'
Yogi Bear - 'Doin' The Nasty' (instrumental)
Zee Rocks the Copy - 'The Get Down Is Funky'

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 115 - West Coast spotlight

Hosted by veterans DJ Toast & Paul Nice and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast & Paul bring you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.

This is Episode 115 - West Coast spotlight - originally aired on April 16, 2017

Defari “West Up!!!” (2016)
(Paul Nice set)
DJ Day "Mama Shelter"
Everlast "Money (Dollar Bill)"
Joey Chavez f. Evidence "Reservation For One"
Dilated Peoples "Worst Comes To Worst"
Dilated Peoples f. The Liks "Heavy Rotation"
Jurassic 5 "Concrete Schoolyard"
Rasco "Time Waits For No Man"
Rasco "A View To A Kill"
Cali Agents "Crash the Boards"
Cali Agents "How the West Was One"
Street Reportas "Live By the Mic"
Street Reportas "Desert Sands"
Diamond Mercenaries "Diamonds Are Forever"
Luniz "I Got 5 On It"
Dr. Dre "Xplosive"
Dr. Dre "Nuthing But A G Thang"
Dr. Dre "Bang Bang"
Dr. Dre "What's the Difference"
Handsome Boy Modeling School "Holy Calamity"
DJ Shadow "Right Thing"
DJ Z-Trip "Oh Lord!"
DJ Shadow "Walkie Talkie"
DJ Zeph f. Raashan Ahmad "Floor Wax"
(DJ Toast set)
Dr. Dre “A Niggas Witta Gun” (1992)
Ras Kass “Remain Anonymous” (1994)
Rasco “Run the Line (45 King Remix)” (1997)
Casual “Turf Dirt” (2001)
Jurassic 5 “Quality Control” (2000)
2Pac “Trapped” (1991)
WC and the Maad Circle “Out On a Furlough” (1991)
Eazy-E “Boyz N Da Hood” (1988)
King Tee “Played Like a Paino” (1990)
Sir Mixalot “My Hooptie” (1989)
Dr. Dre “Still D.R.E.” (1999)
Swollen Members “Strength” (1999)
Alkaholiks f. Diamond D “The Next Level” (1995)
The Pharcyde “Pharcyde” (1995)
Xzibit “Paparazzi” (1996)
Dilated Peoples “Work the Angles” (2000)
Defari “People’s Choice” (1998)
The Lady of Rage “Afro Puffs” (1994)
The Lady of Rage “Some Shit” (1997)
Ice Cube “Who’s the Mack?” (1990)
Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) “Step Masters” (2014)
Tha Dogg Pound “Big Pimpin’” (1994)
Ice-T “Peel Their Caps Back” (1991)

Show And The Celebrity ‎- Show And The Celebrity - 1992

12" - 1992 - Dead Serious Recordings  

Burnt Clique - Wild Wild East - 1996

12" - 1996 - Blank Records 

Album Review : Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - 1995

From Hip Hop Connection - September 1995

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Mix: Dj Koco - Vinyl Traveler - 2009

Mixed CD  - 2009 - Donuts Records  

01 - Lastrawze - Sneak Peek
02 - Doo Wop - Hit Em In The Head
03 - Evil Twinz - You Don't Stop
04 - Kool G Rap -  It's A Shame
05 - The P Brothers - Shoot'em Down (Inst)
06 - The P Brothers - Scriptures (Outro)
07 - Big Red & Diamond D - How They Want It
08 - MCT - Jazzy Style
09 - Various Blends - Krazee Madeo Stylez
10 - Soma - You Ain't Ready!
11 - Kaotic Style - 6 Mc's (3 Mc's Verse)
12 - Monsta Island Czars - Fuck Y'all Niggas?
13 - Kamakaze - It's All Good
14 - Cormega - R U My Nigga?
15 - Necro - Get On Your Knees
16 - Chill Rob G - The Avenue
17 - Gunrunnerz - Shake Down
18 - Diamond D - Feel The Vibe
19 - Money Boss Players - Nighty Night
20 - King Sun - Street Corner
21 - Class A Felony - I'm Not The Herb You're Lookin 4
22 - M.C. Tee - Do What U Gotta Do

Interview - 4080 Magazine : Circle Of Power

From 4080 - Issue#11 - November 1993

12" - 1993 - Rumble Recordings 

Hakim Norbert & Vyda (7FA7) - Ventre-Ville - 2017

The French MC Hakim Norbert and the Beatmaker Vyda (7FA7) are working on their new project "Ventre-Ville". All the tracks are ready but money is missing to finalise the album and to pay the pressing plant. 
So If you want to help the french underground scene , feel free to contribute Here .
Thanks for the help Fellas !

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AK420 - Rua Augusta - 2017

10" - 2017 - Postpartum

 Limited 10" (Blue / Red Splattered Vinyl), 250 copies handnumbered. 

Shipping Date : June 1st 2017
Pre-Order your copy !

Radio Shows :

Boogie & The Barber w/Bobbito & DJ Eclipse Hot 97 WQHT October 19, 1997

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse 89.1 WNYU May 27, 1998

Documentary : Risen: The Story of Chron 'Hell Razah' Smith

"Wu Tang Clan affiliate Hell Razah has always been a celebrated MC, known for his sharp lyrics and intricate flow. A founding member of the group Sunz Of Man -- who cracked the Billboard Top 20 with their 1998 remake of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic “Shining Star” alongside the band, Wyclef Jean and Ol’ Dirty Bastard -- Razah was discovered and mentored at age 14 by Wu Tang leader RZA and groomed for success. Later dubbed “Heaven Razah” when he went solo in the mid-2000s, the rising young MC made headlines when he was stricken with a brain aneurysm in 2010.

As a result of this tragedy, Hell Razah has spent the last 7 years slowly recovering from this near-fatal incident, which left him in a coma and unable to use the left side of his body. As Razah has been struggling to learn how to walk, talk, and rhyme again, filmmaker Frank Meyer has been documenting his journey every step of the way. The director and Hell Razah go way back, as Meyer was Sunz of Man’s publicist back in 1997, and later filmed Razah for his G4tv web series Freestyle 101, a series that also featured Ice-T, The Game, Mobb Deep, and Cypress Hill, and was recognized by Steve Jobs at an Apple conference. The resulting documentary film Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith is the result of 7 years of filming, and 20 years of friendship.

Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith is currently wrapping up principal photography, and stars Wu Tang’s RZA, Cappadonna and Popa Wu, Sunz of Man members Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn, 60-Second Assassin and Shabazz the Disciple, producer A. Supreme Wilder, rappers such as RA The Rugged Man, Ras Kass, and Crooked I, industry heavyweight Randy Philips (AEG, Global Ent.), Hell Razah’s family and friends, and many more.

Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith has TBA 2017 release via Digital Reacharound
in Association with Idiom Pictures."

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Westwood & Flex - NY Lug Rap Exchange

From Hip Hop Connection - December 1994

Molecules & Showbiz - A Bronx Tale EP - 2017

EP - 2017 - Legion Records 

01 - Bad Guy feat Money Ray
02 - Good Life
03 - Hardcore Feat Dres
04 - Heist
05 - Jungle
06 - Methadone Rap feat The Legion
07 - Bad Guy Instrumental
08 - Good Life Instrumental
09 - Hardcore Instrumental
10 - Heist Instrumental
11 - Jungle Instrumental
12 - Methadone Rap Instrumental

"Molecules of The Legion once again teams up with Showbiz of D.I.T.C. for his debut EP "A Bronx Tale". While Showbiz handles production, Molecules administers vocals along with appearances from Dres (Black Sheep) and The Legion. Both Cules and Show deliver beats and rhymes as only Bronx natives could. They carry on the tradition of dropping gritty neck snapping tracks that was birthed some 40 something years ago in their home town. The Legion and D.I.T.C. have given us classics over the last few decades and this latest offering is sure to satisfy the craving of those looking for the real."

Released Date : May 19th 2017
Pre-Order your Copy now !

Vinyl / CD 

Beppo S. & Peter B. - Bis unendlich LP - 2017

DC027 LP - 2017 - Daily Concept  

I don't speak german but this album produced by Soulmade seems to be a very good one. 
If you want to listen to the full album, you should check Here

Release Date : May 05th 2017
Pre-Order your copy now !