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Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen - March 5th 1994 - 105.9 WNWK

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen 105.9 WNWK March 5, 1994

Kevin Keith & Dirty Dozen Promo
Shyheim feat Down Low Recka - You The Man 
Nas feat AZ - Life’s a Bitch
Gang Starr feat Jeru The Damaja & Lil Dap - Speak Ya Clout
Dr Dre feat Snoop Doggy Dogg - Poor Young Dave
King Just - Warrior’s Drum
Da Henchmen - Come On
Kool G Rap & Dj Polo - Letters
20:00 ?
N-Tyce - Hush Hush Tip
Talk Break
Mr Voodoo - Interview 
Mr Voodoo - Come Off Hard 
Fourtie - Shawn
Nefertiti - Visions of Nefertiti
Yaggfu Front - Left Field
Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown
Notorious Big feat Method Man - The What
The Funk Children - Step It Up 
 44:45 Freshco - ? 
Maestro Fresh Wes - Dat’s My Ni**a
Mr Voodoo - Freestyle
51:00 ?
Poetry - Rhyme Writer
Maestro Fresh Wes - Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn
Talk Break
Souls Of Mischief - Make your Mind Up (Rock On Mix)

Props to Dj Eclipse 

United We Chill - Book & Mixtape

"United We Chill" is a photography book and cassette mixtape combo published by Seven Dollars Crew. Production is of the highest quality. These photographs only exist in print, and the mixtape does not exist digitally. Photography and design by Aple76. Mixtape by Aidan Leacy. Letters and drawings by Steven Serval and Kid Kash

 Book is 80 pages, hard cover, lithograph print, 165 x 252mm.
Available now only from

Veks - Consolation LP - 2017

MCR001 LP - 2017 - Missing Children Records  

This is the official 2nd Instrumental LP release from the San Diego based artist Veks (Last Jazz Club). 16 tracks of raw instrumentals release on Missing Children Records. 
Available on Ltd 12" Vinyl (300 available, 500 pressed), 4 Panel J Card Cassette (only 50) & 4 Panel DigiPak CD (only 100).

Pre-orders :
Vinyl / Cassette / CD

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Lower Level - Top Notch / Flavorable Fluids - 1995

Lower Level was a crew from Charlotte (NC) and consisted of 4 members : Joseph Caldwell a.k.a Jay Flav, Milton Smith a.k.a Money Milt, Willie McDuffy a.k.a Wil-Nice and Barry McDuffy a.k.a KHB. 
If you have to spend a lot of your money on a record it should be this one because technically it will never come out again due to lost Masters...
This wax came out in 1995 on Queen City Production Records and is composed of 2 very good tracks "Top Notch" and "Flavorable Fluids" which is certainly the best track of this 12", containing a sample of  Slippin' Into Darkness performed by Ramsey Lewis. 

Here is the short interview with Jay Flav from Lower Level done by Bob Lipitch courtesy of Chopped Herring Records for the release of The 5PL1T EP Vol 2 :

"Did you all grow up in Charlotte?

We all grew up in Charlotte myself, Wil & Barry grew up in Hidden Valley and Money Milt grew up in Earle Village. Milt was the only one that didn't  grow up with us, we met in another street capacity.

How did you end up recording at D&D Studios?

We were working with Mark Spark at D&D on the production side and stumbled on an engineer by the name of Joe Quinde....he was a beast at mixing. That was around the time we were working with a label out of Newark called Brick Boulevard  that had a production deal with Elektra Records. We were going to be the first act off that label, but when Busta left the Leaders of the New School, Elektra went on a all out campaign to promote The Coming album by Busta, so the label along with other groups on Elektra, such as 3 Boys from Newark [which had another NC native Omniscience] got dropped by Elektra. Unfortunately they let alot of good music go to waste.

What was the scene like in North Cackalacka back in the day? 

The scene in NC was crazy, we had mad talent with groups like SoHo (Southern Hospitality) my brothers they were dope, Omniscience the Funky One Liner, Ski Beats (produced Reasonable Doubts for Jay Z) and was also the founder of Original Flavas, Nasty Fruit. ....and many more. Dopeness brother!!! Alot of notable producers such as Fanatic, Mark Spark, Laquan, Skazz Daddy, Wil-Nice and many more....

Who did you look up to growing up?

Locally I looked up to all the cats on Payroll Records such as the Bizzy Boyz and Supreme Nyborn, nationally I looked up to Large Professor, KRS One, Cold Crush Brothers (Almighty K.G) my man, Big Daddy Kane who has been in NC for over 20 years and actually came to a couple studio sessions.

Did you do cats do the support slot  for acts touring down South from the North East?

We opened a lot of shows back in the days. NC was different than other parts of the south because we banged Hip Hop and artists would come down to perform and be amazed that we sounded professional and on the same level as they did. A lot of groups came to perform in NC and left with a new found respect for NC. Even recording at D&D, up north cats would come in the room spark up and pop their neck to the sounds, such as Guru, Sadat and many more."

Chris Read Presents Gang Starr 'Daily Operation' 25th Anniversary Mixtape

1. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - 'Fun' [Extract]
2. Gang Starr - 'The Place Where We Dwell' [Instrumental]
3. Chris Read - 'Theme #3' [Scratchapella]
4. Gang Starr - 'Stay Tuned'
5. Gang Starr - 1991 Interview Extract
6. Ceasar Frazier - 'Funk It Up'
7. BDP - 'Criminal Minded' [Extract]
8. Gang Starr - 'Ex Girl to Next Girl'
9. Johnny Hammond - 'Big Sur Suite'
10. Gang Starr - 1991 Interview Extract
11. Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted and Black
12. Gang Starr - '92 Interlude'
13. The Crusaders - 'In The Middle of the River'
14. Gang Starr - 'No Shame In My Game'
15. Leaders of the New School - 'Sobb Story' [Extract]
16. Eddie Hazel - 'Frantic Moment'
17. Gang Starr - 'Take Two and Pass'
18. Juice Crew All Stars - 'Juice Crew All Stars' [Extract]
19. Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - High As Apple Pie Slice II 
20. Gang Starr - 'Conspiracy'
21. Gang Starr - '2 Deep'
22. Gang Starr - 'Hardcore Composer'
23. Jungle Brothers - 'Straight Out The Jungle' [Extract]
24. Sugar Billy Garner - 'I Got Some' (sampled in B.Y.S)
25. Gang Starr - 'B.Y.S'
26. Gang Starr - 'Flip The Script'
27. Ahmad Jamal - 'Misdemeanor'
28. Gang Starr - 'Soliloquy of Chaos'
29. Kid Dynomite - 'Uphill Piece of Mine'
30. Gang Starr feat Lil Dap and Jeru The Damaja - 'I'm The Man'
31. The O'Jays - 'When The World's At Peace'
32. Schoolly D - P.S.K Wha Does It Mean? [Loop]
33. Cannonball Adderley - Leo: Rosebud [Extract]
34. Charles Mingus - II B.S
35. Skull Snaps - 'It's A New Day' [Loop]
35. Brand Nubian - 'Step to the Rear' [Extract]
36. Gang Starr - 'Take It Personal'
37. JBs - 'Gimme Some More' [Loop]
38. Gang Starr - 'Much Too Much (Mack a Mill)'
39. Gang Starr - 'The Illest Brother'
40. James Brown - 'Funky Drummer' [Loop]
41. Eric B & Rakim - Eric B Is President [Extract]
42. Richard Pryor - 'Prison'

Views B4 The 6 - Interview : Frankenstein

From Hip-Hop Connection - November 1998 - Scan courtesy of Slurg

"In this episode we sit down with Toronto Hip hop legend Frankenstein and talk about everything from the early scene, him finding hip hop as an Italian kid in Toronto, early production to him trying to get signed in the early 90s and MUCH all the way to the infamous "bad boy beat jacking"... hear the truth straight from the horses mouth!!Views B4 The 6 

Eclipse 427

Eclipse 427 aka Walter Taylor is a Bay Area based rapper and DJ. First of all, he was a member of the underground hip-hop group called Mixed Practice with 2 other members : Prop from East Palo Alto and Flex from Brooklyn. The group’s life span ran only from 1993 to 1996, but they recorded a tape called "Homegrown" in 1995.

Mixed Practice, Photo courtesy of Jeni Shakti Fujita

Cassette EP - 1995 - Self Released  


After the group broke up, Eclipse 427 became a major character in the Bay Area indie hip-hop explosion of the late 90s. Some of his releases from that era are really interesting, the first one is the "Eclipse-427" EP, self released on tape in 1996 :

Cass - 1996 - Not On Label 

From Subculture Magazine - 1995

01 - Unda Age (Intro)
02 - El Centro
04 - Low Tide (Enter-lude)
06 - Da Funk (Can Ya Smell It?)
08 - Chinese Food


In 1997, he came back with the "Power" EP released on his label Darcman Recordings, accompanied by a 12" single and a promo tape. 

EP - 1997 - Darcman Recordings 

12" - 1997 - Darcman Recordings

Promo Tape - 1997 - Darcman Recordings 

From The Vinyl Exchange - June 1997

By the way, you can check the Slanging Tapes 1997 video directed by Alex Robertson Dworet and Logan Weinsieder, in which you can see Eclipse 427 and his friend Karma (from Kemetic Suns) selling their records on the street corner. 

In 1999 , he teamed up with the fresno based MC Planet Asia and released the 'Bringin' It Back' 12" single on Blackberry Records.
The Original version was produced by Fanatik. The Remix version was produced by Kut Masta Kurt and contains a sample of 'The Dragon Arrived in Roma' performed by Joseph Koo from  "The Way of the Dragon" Soundtrack released in 1972.

12" - 1999 - Blackberry Records 

From Vibe Magazine - November 1999

These are the transcripts of an interview with Eclipse 427. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on May 16th, 2000.

MVRemix: What does your name represent or mean?
Eclipse 427: 4/27 is actually my birthday. I used to go by Eclipse, and then like uh...

MVRemix: Why Eclipse?
Eclipse 427: Because I was tall as fuck in Junior high school, haha. You know, so they just called me it. I was like 6'1, so...cats used to call me Eclipse, which was my old DJ name in like '89. Then all of a sudden all these other Eclipse's started poppin' up, now I was in a group, and when I'd left the group I added the 427 to symbolize my birth as a solo entity.

MVRemix: When and how did you get into Hip Hop?
Eclipse 427: I started listening to Hip Hop when it was pretty much all that was there. You know, from back in the 70's, when Sugar Hill was there and all the other groups. Now we didn't have cable, but my pops worked at the fire department, so he used to tape the Hip Hop videos for me and bring them home, so I used to watch them on the VCR and shit. So that's how I started learning and listening to Hip Hop. I always checked mixtapes, buy them at the swap meets. Then in like '83, everyone was breakin', so I was breakin'...but I became an active participant in '89 when I was 12 years old I started DJ'ing. That's where it started, in '89, I was spinnin' House Party's and school dance's all of that.

MVRemix: Do you still DJ now?
Eclipse 427: Yeah, I mean well actually, linking up with Asia actually got me back into DJ'ing a little bit more. He needed a stage DJ, so I started taking over that. And I got back into what I was used to doing. I spun records until like '95. '95 was when all the House Party's stopped bein' fun and started bein' on some other shit. So...'92, '93 I was into production, '94, '95, '96 I was rappin'. Through that I got into recording, basically I do all types of shit man.

MVRemix: You recently dropped a 12", yeah?
Eclipse 427: It's coming out. No, actually, yeah, it's out now. Haha. Yup.

MVRemix: So, what about an LP?
Eclipse 427: You know what ? I'm thinkin' about it. I'm thinkin' about working on one.

MVRemix: So at the moment it's just the 12"?
Eclipse 427: Now it's the 12". Those three cuts, now if I do an album, which I'm heavily considering now, all of that stuff will be on there. The way I am, I do so much other, recording, all that other shit. It's not really a necessity for me to. But it's something that's in me. I like to just write down what I'm thinking and put that shit out. The 12" that just came just happened. You know, Madlib came to the crib to do some shit with Asia, he played some beats that Asia didn't want, but I liked. So I took a tape, started writin' and I came up with both songs in a day. The other one is some shit that I already had. 'Business Deals,' that's Madlib, the second joint that's on there; 'What It Is,' that's Madlib, those were the two I did in a day. Then the other track 'You Ain't Gotta Remind Me' is a track I did about a year ago. I mean I have a bunch of songs at the crib, but I just haven't felt like putting that shit out yet. I'll do it when it's ready.

MVRemix: What do you feel you add to Hip Hop that no other mc does?
Eclipse 427: I don't come in the game just as an MC. I rhyme. I do my thing. Where I'm making my mark right now, is in management. I mean, I manage Planet Asia, I've been working with him for the last two years, so...basically from what most people have seen of him. I've been involved in that, and helping all of that go in the right direction. Right now, that's my major contribution.

MVRemix: You've done a dope job with it.
Eclipse 427: Thanks man, I mean, you know, he's a talent, he's a bonafied talent and I just approached this as a fan. I'm one of his biggest fans. I know everything about him and I'm a good sales person, so I sell him to the people that need to see him. That's basically how our relationship goes. Aside, well actually tying in with the management part of this, I'm trying to bring more organization because a lot of times, the managers aren't really involved in the music or don't know the artist, they put you on a system that they built with some rock and roll shit back in the day. A lot of the West Coast records that you hear, I had a hand in because I have a studio out in Oakland, everything from Rascalz albums, I did shit for Asia's first EP, shit for Foreign Legion, Lyrical Seeds, Mystik Journeymen, Living Legends... I used to be in that crew. I was in that crew when it first started. I mean MURS, Aesop, Grouch, Journeymen, I've done shit for all of those guys. I did shit with Tony Da Skitzo, Plato, Homeless Derelicts, the list goes on and on of cats that I've worked with. I mean as far as the West Coast underground is concerned, I was there in the bay, selling tapes on Telegraph Avenue and gettin' shit into stores, consigning...I helped out shit with all of that along with my folks, Hobo Junction, you know all of those cats. I was there doing my thing. So there's another contribution. I'm kind of one of the silent figures in the whole west coast movement.

MVRemix: You mixed three of the tracks on the Anticon Presents LP, are you doing any future work with them?
Eclipse 427: Um, well, actually I recorded that. I'd probably do something with Sole, I've known Sole for a while but we've never actually done a song together. I mean once I really get back into focusing on making a record, I'll probably get down with that guy.

MVRemix: Do you prefer working alone or with others?
Eclipse 427: Kind of both. Some of my best stuff comes from other influences, having people to bounce stuff off of. You know what I mean? Like, I used to be in a crew, but the problem with working in a crew is people don't always see eye to eye. There's always some kind of attitude. Every crew that I've been in, I've dealt with some sort of jealousy. From my own crew to crews that I've joined. Even today, I'm dealing with more people than I usually do and there's always some sort of issue. When I was solo, between the years of '94 and '97, a lot of tapes, 12"s and shit. It was cool, but I was kind of creating in a vacuum. I didn't really have anybody to bounce ideas off of. Get feedback from, so you know it's kind of hard. Whereas now, I have Asia, Skool Yard, and other cats that I continually vibe with or whatever so stuff comes out a little easier. I like interacting with people but I don't like the negativity and confusion. I recognize my place in the game and I'm not out to be some big star, like with my 12", cats are gonna be like "Man, I didn't even know that dude rapped..." So, I mean, I'll only do a song if Asia's like, yeah, lets do this cut. People know me from the joint I did with Asia, the 'Bringin' It Back' joint. I'm a background dude, but I like to make records too. I can make them at my house whenever I want to, so I do them, I put them together, if I feel like puttin' it out I will.

MVRemix: Whats your take on MP3s?

Eclipse 427: It's unfortunate that people are bootleggin' stuff and not payin' for it. I get the argument that it helps spread music and word of the artist out there, but also people that are buying illegal records, downloading MP3's etc. have got to realize that that's usually an artists sole from of income. Like record royalties and sales you don't get a lot of the royalties in the first goddamned place. So, you're not really ripping off the big company, you're ripping off the artist. I mean it takes a lot to make a record, and for your record to sell it's a blessing. But when people download it off of the Internet, it hurts the artist more than anybody; it doesn't really hurt the company. They're going to make their money one-way or the other or write it off, really only hurts the artist.

12" - 2000 - ABB Records 

In 2002 , Him and Planet Asia were back with a new single 'The Concept' produced by DJ Yohei on Freeway Records.

12" - 2002 - Freeway Records 

427 is still a DJ nowadays and work under the name of Walt Liquor  

Down N' Dirty Tribe ‎- Inn´A Cipher / Mindtrix - 1995

12" - 1995 - Jungle Sounds Records  

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POWERULE - Glorify N Praise / Get Right 7" - 2017

Powerule is back with the infectious 7" vinyl single "Glorify N Praise" produced by Large Professor . The unreleased B side "Get Right" Features Sonny Banks and produced by the great Lord Finesse. This 7" is from the upcoming full length Limited Edition Digipak CD "The Anomaly: Reloaded".

350 Copies only 
Shipping Date : August 15th 2017

R.I.P Prodigy

Prodigy of Mobb Deep, died on Tuesday June 20th at the age of 42. He was hospitalized in Las Vegas several days ago due to complications caused by his sickle cell anemia. 
Respect to this great MC ... Rest In Peace 

HHC 1994 : The Noble Art - Redman

From Hip Hop Connection - December 1994 

Branded Black - Archeology EP - 1999

No doubt that Canadian scene during the 90s was full of very good crew and Branded Black from Pickering Ontario was one of them. Branded Black consisted of brothers Essen-G and K-Roc a.k.a K-Boogie. 
Not a lot of Info about this group exept that they released a 12"(Enta' Tha' Session / Check Tha' Mic) in 1996. An EP named 'Archeology' from 1999 exists but I'm not sure if a physical copy was released. A reissue is one of the best thing we could hope for all Hip-Hop collectors.

Archeology EP - 1999 :

01 - To The point
02 - What Say Me
03 - Creep
04 - Props
05 - Microphone Plunderer
06 - The High
07 - The Profile Of A User
08 - Zones (3:47 AM)